Apr 30, 2012

Old pic:

And we called her 'Karamel'
Istanbul, 2010

Apr 23, 2012

Annamária III

Brooklyn, New York. April 2012

Apr 20, 2012


Annamária. Brooklyn, New York. April 2012

My dear friend has arrived, and I could not be more excited. Our story began as fellow students and neighbors in Madrid. We were companions in everything and our friendship has brought us to places such as Istanbul, Budapest, Visegrad, Stockholm,  Falun, Mallorca and Lisboa. Now, it is time for us to do NYC...

Apr 19, 2012

Apr 17, 2012

When NYC blossoms

Downtown Manhattan. April 2012

Apr 14, 2012

A man with his dogs

Houston Street, New York. April 2012
The biggest dogs I have seen.

Apr 12, 2012

Las sillas

New Jersey, March 2012

Fort Greene, Brooklyn. February 2012
My love for adults with a kids sense of humor quite explains itself with this photo. Good laughs.

Apr 11, 2012

Bum and bush, bush and bum

Downtown New York City. April 2012

Apr 10, 2012

That hair

Lower East Side, NYC. April 2012

Apr 1, 2012

Old Greenwich, CT. Fall 2011

Instagram: March month

New York, March 2012.
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Day care center

New Jersey. March 2012