Jan 31, 2012

The view from where I lay

Leg post knee surgery, auntie Christina. In my pad, Brooklyn. Feb 2012

A big leg brace and the balloon which came along flowers sent to me by lovely colleagues and adopted family in New York.
Today was my first visit to the physical therapist and I got a first look at my now rather frail leg.
It is a very interesting process on learning how to walk properly again, and what this does to your mind. One might think that your mind becomes very weak and frail, but I feel stronger than ever, ironically enough.

My loving aunt Christina flying in from Georgia to care for me is the best blessing of the day (except that I also got to slightly bend my leg a little after keeping it locked straight for a number of days AND that I found out I now have a new baby cousin in Sweden. Little baby Axel is welcomed into our family and I cannot wait to see him).

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