May 18, 2012

The Instax - Outtake 2

Linnéa. Prospect Park, May 2012


  1. victoria, thank you so much! your comment made my day. it's interesting how those shots give rise to different opinions. while some think i'm just exposing myself to bad comments, others see it as something daring, but innovative in some way - and this is how i see them too.
    i love these. the last one is almost phantasmagoric!
    hugs <3

    1. Catarina, sorry for taking so long to get back to you!
      I am happy that my comment made you happy! :) It is funny, that when a woman exposes herself in the way that you do in your photos, that it is considered over exposing or too daring, while, what you really just are doing, is basically showing who you really are. Not only does this mean that you show all of your body, evidently, but you also show a lot about your personality, and I would say, that you project a very strong and daring personality, with a great amount of confidence. Keep em coming, and dont let peoples negativity bring you down! besos