Mar 17, 2013

35 mm shots from my magnificent three day hike in the mountains of Guatemala, walking 42 km, sleeping on the floors in the simple houses of indigenous families.
The young woman portrayed had a rather interesting story. After having lunch at her simple yet beautiful house on the top of one of the mountains, about more than an hours walk away from the village Santa Clara, I found out that she was actually a University student. This is a fact that is highly uncommon for women her age in Guatemala, especially in the mountain towns, as they usually are already married and have children. It was truly inspiring, just to imagine her long trips to school everyday from the top of that mountain, and also just the fact that she was following a goal she had for herself that differed so much from the norm.
The hike was truly great meditation for the mind and soul, and it was just wonderful to cross all these amazing people's path's, just like Maria's.

Guatemala, January 2013

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